About Us

I'm a Navy Veteran with a passion for fully electric vehicles. I love the new technology that is emerging from all of the development of electric vehicles, but I especially love the merging of old and new technology in the form of DIY conversions of all types of self-propelled or gas-powered vehicles to electric.


To celebrate and praise the #kwhbadass people that have committed to fully electric vehicles, regardless of shape, size, color, capacity or reason. 

The Logo


I believe that logos should actually mean something, so here’s our logo breakdown:
*The wings represent the freedom from gas! #NoGas
*The inner-circle is the motor that makes our EVs go! #AllWatts
*The gear represents those that convert ICE vehicles of all types to EV!
*Lastly, we include the hashtag #kwhbadass because of the guts it takes to commit to battery-powered vehicles!
So I ask, are you #kwhbadass