What is a #KWHBADASS?

kWh is short for Kilowatt Hours, which is how battery capacity is measured. Simply put, the more kWh, the more capability a battery has to hold electricity and the longer it makes our motors go!

Whether you've made the jump to battery powered transportation to save the environment, to save a few bucks on gas, or just for the fun of tinkering with cool technology, that commitment takes guts because the infrastructure to support the battery life is still developing. If you haven't experienced range anxiety, you're not living. Granted, it's much easier now than it ever has been to get around on batteries only, but it's still a growing system, and there are still many hurdles to overcome. If none of those obstacles scare you, you're a badass!

So, we put the kWh and the badass together, and if you've committed to battery-powered transportation, then you're #KWHBADASS! Every piece I produce will include that hashtag because I want everyone to know what you are when you're wearing No Gas All Watts Gear! 

And I see this as all-inclusive! If you are riding a DIY electric skateboard or if your driving that fastest electric car that exists, you're #KWHBADASS! 

When someone goes on the internet and searches #KWHBADASS they're going to see how awesome it is to be one of us!



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