My Modest Model 3 Review!!

A neighborhood friend let me test drive his RWD long-range Model 3 and I'm so glad I made a deposit to get one!

I drive about 40 miles one-way to get to work every day and the Model 3 is going to be a game changer for my commute. The autopilot was hands-down my favorite feature, especially since they added the navigation feature to the autopilot system. My commute is going to be so much better!

Apparently, the auto bright lights feature isn't unique to Tesla, but it was the first time I had experienced that, and I found it to be a nice feature. One of those things that you don't really think about much, but you'll appreciate it once you have it.

There was more road noise than I'm used to with my BMWi3, but I'm sure that's something that will improve with future iterations. I don't think anyone is buying a Tesla for reduced road noise though...

I kept the car in "Sport" steering mode because I like the resistance in my steering wheel. The road feedback could be better, but it wasn't horrible.

Overall, this car meets or exceeds the build/ride quality of comparable cars on the road. 

If you have a commute that is an hour long or greater, or if you are spending over $300 a month in gas, this car is definitely worth it! 


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